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Country Chic at The Inn at Kent Falls

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With owner Ira Goldspiel’s attention to detail and stylish good taste, it’s no surprise The Inn at Kent Falls was voted Best B&B in Connecticut, again.



Every year Connecticut magazine puts out a special issue devoted to the best places in the state. This year, and for the last few years, the award for Best B&B has been awarded to The Inn at Kent Falls. It’s no surprise considering what the Inn has to offer. With its chic country interior, private updated baths, lovely pool and gardens, it is the perfect setting for a weekend—or week—away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The historic property was built in the early 1900s, and at one time was known as the Flanders Arms. Located in the charming town of Kent, in the heart of the Northwest Corner, it is close to all of the best dining spots, cafés, outdoor attractions, galleries, and shops. There is a bounty of natural beauty, as well as enough art and culture to satisfy all tastes and interests.

Owner Ira Goldspiel, a former New York fashion executive, has done a beautiful job updating the interior of the Inn without losing its character. It still has the original old, wide plank flooring, as well as fireplaces in some bedrooms and bathrooms. There are six rooms, all of which are beautifully appointed with comfy beds,  luxurious linens, simply and elegantly decorated. Each room has its own look, and they all are stylishly put together. The other part of the “bed & breakfast, is the delicious breakfast included in the room rates. From frittatas to quiches, fresh-baked banana nut bread to strawberries and currants, homemade granola to brioche French Toast— breakfast at the Inn is always sumptuous.

Throughout the Inn are numerous spots to feel at home in. In the fall and winter, you can sit by the crackling Colonial-size fireplace in the living room. In spring and summer there is a screened-in porch to cool off, overlooking two and a half lush acres surrounded by gardens, a brook, and a pool. You can read by the pool or meet other guests in the den.

Ira is one of those people who knows everything about anything. He can recommend a good restaurant, arrange to have a massage therapist come to the pool house for you, tell you where to go kayaking, and fill you in on what’s happening that week in the area. He’s a gracious host and a genuinely nice guy who is involved in the community. He aims to provide his guests with a spectacular experience while staying at his B&B. And if you are looking to buy a house in the area, well, he happens to be one of the top realtors in Litchfield County.

If you are looking to customize your weekend, perhaps a yoga retreat, or a romantic getaway, or an outdoors ski package, a hike through the Appalachian Trail, or a quiet, relaxing weekend, Ira provides concierge service for his guests. Or perhaps you’d like a combination of both indoor and outdoor pleasures and pursuits. Tell him what you are looking for and he’ll take care of arranging it all. You can take over the whole Inn with a family reunion or a wedding, both of which are very popular at the Inn. Ira has relationships with many different venues and local experts throughout the region to help make it happen, from the wedding ceremony officiator to the local event planner and the wedding photographer.

The drive from New York City is an hour and forty-five minutes and Boston is two and a half hours away. As you get closer to Kent, the scenic drive with covered bridges, farmstands, antiques shops, and glorious vistas will please your senses. With first class service and modern luxury, the Inn at Kent Falls is the perfect place for those seeking the comforts and ammenities of the city in a tranquil countryside setting.



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The Inn at Kent Falls in Kent, Connecticut

2011 Press & Reviews


The Inn at Kent Falls in Object Magazine 2011

The Inn at Kent Falls in Object Magazine 2011

WE ARE A DESTINATION | The Inn at Kent Falls is a luxury Bed and Breakfast convenient to nature trails, horseback riding, cycling routes, Kent Falls State Park and much more. Please think of us for fall season lodging as we are right in the heart of Litchfield County’s most beautiful fall foliage. After the fall leaves have gone, Kent, Connecticut is home to superb skiing, hiking, bicycling, antiquing or just enjoying a day walk.

INN AWARDS & REVIEWS | Recognized in Travel and Leisure Magazine’s, “Best Hotel Book,” this past year has become a year of recognition and accolades. The Inn at Kent Falls has won the “Best Bed & Breakfast” in the September 2011 issue of Connecticut Magazine (for more than two consecutive years), and for the first time, the September 2011 issue of New England Travel Magazine and Boston Magazine. The Inn is also currently featured in a beautiful double-page spread in Australia’s premier design Magazine, Object Magazine.




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Kent Falls NewsLetter

Kent Falls NewsLetter  | 

The start of this New Year has been quite eventful both locally and globally. We’ve all experienced and/or witnessed distress and personal difficulties but we’ve also been given many reasons to be optimistic.  For me, this is the YEAR OF HOPE, a year to be resourceful, creative and to think outside the box.  Where there are problems, there are also solutions hence, the inspiration to create the Kent Falls NewsLetter, which will offer you the opportunity to join or contribute to a positive dialog about subjects that concern all of us. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, meanwhile, here’s some good NEWS…

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This past week in Kent we had tremendously exciting news when we learned that the Litchfield County Jazz Fest will be relocating to Kent this summer. 
KENT — Town officials gave the Litchfield Performing Arts and Kent School the green light on Monday to bring the 2009 Litchfield Jazz Festival to the school’s campus this summer. The nationally-acclaimed three-day festival, launched in 1996 at Litchfield’s White Memorial, has been based since 1998 at the Goshen Fairgrounds, where Muir said attendance has averaged between 4,000 and 6,000 over its three-day span the first weekend each August. The festival, which brings high-level jazz musicians to perform under several tents, comes at the end of the four-week Jazz Camp. That program, held until now at the Forman School in Litchfield, enrolls several hundred students from many states who practice and perform under the direction of professional jazz musicians and recording artists.
Note from Ira: I’m very pleased to also announce that Sotheby’s International Realty, where I’m an Associate, is a Sponsor of this event.


You don’t have to wait for summer as The Kent Film Festival kicks off in March, and The Inn at Kent Falls is proud to continue it’s support of this ever-growing event. See their website for schedules and updates.


ONE BODY FITNESS: by Howard Schissler                  
Pilates Teacher | Howard Schissler

Pilates Teacher | Howard Schissler


Look forward to monthly contributions on Pilates, Fitness and Health from renowned Fitness expert and pilates instructor,  Howard Schissler,  who teaches in his studio in New York City but weekends in Kent.  Here’s a slice of Howard’s uplifting philosophy: “I truly believe that Pilates can change the way you move and even how you feel. Besides the obvious benefits of a stronger and more flexible body, I’ve seen the impact of Pilates on people’s lives. It has the power to change the way you relate to your body, which infiltrates the way you do everything else, even something as simple as walking. But this is only one aspect of Pilates, which is really a journey with endless benefits.”


I do believe in visualization.  I know it might sound hokey to many people, but I remember when I was a young dancer and I was having trouble with a difficult piece of choreography; I would envision my body performing the sequence of steps that were giving me trouble.  In my mind’s eye I would see myself performing the steps, easily and effortlessly with grace and beauty. It wasn’t always instantaneous, but if I were patient, eventually the choreography would slowly but surely come to me. 

2009 |  What’s in your Future?  See it. See what you want for yourself and see yourself doing it. So just like what I used to do when I was having trouble learning choreography, I’d like you to figure out exactly what your desires for the upcoming year might be.  A new job, a healthier body, or even a new lover, whatever it might be, then I want you to take time to see yourself in your mind’s eye, with whatever it is that you’re longing & hoping for in your future.  Be specific, be clear — see if you can visualize every detail. If you can see it, it can happen. 

Howie’s Entry: ABOUT PARTIES

You’re Out ‘n About with Everything Screaming, “Eat Me, Eat Me.” What to do:

1) Eat a healthy meal or healthy snack BEFORE you go to any parties because you know there’ll always be an excess of high caloric food. Remember….it’s easier to show restraint when you’re not ravenous.

2) Set some time aside for your workouts and schedule them in your appointments book.  Put a Post-It on your fridge, your front door, in your car. Don’t break those appointments with yourself because this should be the year you take care of yourself. There’s always a reason NOT to…always so much to do. Think of it this way. All we really have is our health. Do your Workout then you have a Treat.

3) Treats. You already know in advance there’ll be lots of temptation at parties, so allow yourself only one indulgence, but remember only one.  This way you won’t feel deprived. And since you remembered not to forget to do your Workout, you can enjoy that one Treat without guilt. You’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel practicing restraint. The results will be self-evident and, while we cannot control world events, we can control what we do to ourselves. 

4) Drinking. Alcohol has way too many calories without any nutritional value. A glass of red wine is one thing, 4 cocktails are another. And after that first drink or four it will make you less inhibited, and with your guard down, you won’t remember what you ate (or what you did). Take it easy. Change happens moment by moment, decision by decision.  Repeat after me:  If You can See it, it Can Happen. 

O P I N I O N | Ira Goldspiel

As an Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty, many of my clients are asking me about the Real Estate Market and I’m cautiously realistic. We’re still protected in Litchfield county but we did see less sales last year, which will continue into 2009.
    • We’re still performing better than much of the the country and in most weekend markets.
    • Inventories are relatively flat. For sellers it is more important than ever to be represented by a firm with reach and to work with a realtor who can advise you not only on pricing but on home preparation and staging for the market.
    • For buyers they are in the best position in years in terms of mortgage rates being at an all time low, and the fact that, with many less buyers, sellers will have to be more negotiable if they want to sell. This truly is the time to buy as I think by 2010, prices will start to come back up. You should read this: NY Times: For the Brave, the Time is NOW
Morris Lake View

Morris Lake View

Read the article then look at some of the latest listings we’re offering from the the 28 acre Laurel Hill Farm in South Kent to Sharons’ world-class riverfront property to the newly reduced Macedonia Brook Dram Cottage. Remember…whether your budget is $200,000 or 2 million dollars, I can always help you find the right property. I also have a strong stable of Rental Inventory both on a seasonal and an annual basis.
THE INN AT KENT FALLS | For those of you who have stayed at the Inn at Kent Falls, we’d love to read about your experience on this Blog. Visiting The KENT SCHOOL? Ask about Special Rates. Throughout the winter season we will be offering packages and special upgrade rates on suites for repeat guests so please ask about these when you call or e-mail.
Until the next Time—–Ira

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