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Year-To-Date Sales Analysis – 17 Towns

Monthly Sales

  • 2013 had a strong ending with 87 single family unit sales in December
  • The year outpaced 2012 with 21% more unit sales (907 vs. 750)


Unit sales by town

  • In absolute numbers the increases are largest in New Milford (+39), Goshen (+24), Litchfield (+23).
  • As a percent the greatest increases are in Goshen (+80%) and Warren (+58%). In total 6 towns had increases of more than 33%.
  • Only four towns, Bridgewater, Cornwall, Morris and Woodbury recorded fewer sales in ’13 vs. ’12, but the shortfall was 10% or less.


Average Sale Price

  • The average sale price is slightly higher in 2013 than 2012.  Up 2%.
  • Total Dollar Volume is over $78 million  — +23% year-to-year


High End Sales

  • December had 6 sales over $1 million
  • There have been 63 sales over $1 million.  In 2012, there had been 54. A 16% increase in units.
  • Bethlehem, Norfolk and Woodbury are the only towns that did not have at least one sale over $1 million.

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High End Sales by Month

  • 2013 started off very slowly for the high end market but has been very strong since May.
  • In 2012 the high end sales were much more evenly distributed throughout the year



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